Five Minute Friday: Quiet

“Wow, it’s quiet”, I think to myself.

So silent my ears hurt.  When is the last time this has happened?

I took a few minutes for lunch at home. Something which seldom happens anymore. No kids. Sleeping husband.  Content critters.

No one and nothing needing me in this moment. And instead of basking in the moments of rest, I worry about what I should be doing instead.

Maybe fold the basket of laundry or start the dishes.

Isn’t that funny?  What is it about me that feels guilt in a time of unexpected rest? What prevents me from basking in the opportunity?

So in the moment, the laundry remains unfolded. The dishes remain undone and I read without distraction for the remainder of my time home.


So elusive yet so necessary in the stressed out moments of this busy life.

“Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and striving after the wind.”                             Ecc 4:6


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