Am I a value added woman?

Is my life making a difference here?

It’s a challenging question I have to ask myself from time to time.

Am I a woman adding value to this position or simply a warm body taking up space?

I hope I take inventory of this question before I reach the intersection of productivity and pity party in search of the destination I am to travel.  But that gives me far more credit than I am allowed to claim.

As I gaze down pity party lane, I see all of the reasons success evades me and would you know not one iota of fault is on me. No. The blame lies squarely on the lap of another. One who wants to see me fail and plans my demise when I am not looking.  One who does not communicate to my liking or do things the way we have always done. One who thinks differently and does not cater to my personal agenda.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t even have time to mess with this anyway. It just so happened I could show up this one time. But the welcome is no longer warm and I don’t seem to have a place.

Don’t they see how valuable I am?

Maybe I should remind them.

I know it sounds harsh but you’ve been there, right?

But then I turn my gaze down the lane of productivity and see a women who is proactive and seeks to understand.  She finds value in every person who surrounds her. She is inquisitive.  A woman who sees the plan and the purpose and understands when she needs to take one for the team. Not because she is a saint but because she knows her service counts toward something far greater than herself. She adds value to the team. Her presence is appreciated and would be missed should she decide to move on.

I move toward my chosen path and stumble upon the speed bump of my attitude.

Is it really in my control?
Can I truly choose?

Let me be honest by saying I have chosen both. I find when I travel pity party lane, it is likely because I have felt coerced in to taking the position. I was not courageous enough to say no.  Or, I thought I would gain some kind of personal recognition. After all, I am super mom. But muddled motives make messed up moms.

Muddled Motivescreate messed up mommas

On the flip side, I find productivity with passion. When I evaluate the cost of my yes and agree with a humble heart I discover a thankful attitude. Knowledge of the opportunity granted to me by a most gracious God. In this heart attitude, I find myself fresh for the challenge. Intentional in making time for success. It’s in this place I can add value to my commitment.

Are you freely traveling the road of productivity or are you parked at the pity party?

What change can you make today to redirect to the path of productivity?

Most importantly,  are you blocking the path to blessing for another by staying parked with pride for a companion?

I pray we all find the productivity road we are made to travel. I pray we add value through our passion and creativity. I pray for permission to leave the party when our actions no longer align with our most secret thoughts and deeds. I pray we become women who evaluate the priorities of our lives realistically understanding the importance of making our no mean no and our yes mean yes.

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Samantha Landrus

My name is Samantha Landrus and I am a full time wife and mom who works out of her home. I’m also a reforming supermom. In my quest for perfection, I often find God humbling me in unique and sometimes humorous ways. If you’re looking for a place for humor and encouragement, I encourage you to lay down your wings and join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Am I a value added woman?”

  1. Love this, Samantha. My goodness, yes, I’ve been in the pity party lane more times than I can count. Thank you for this much needed reminder that we have a choice about our attitudes. We can chose to see the good and take action, or we can blame others. Blessed by your words today.

  2. Samantha –

    Pity Party Lane – love the name you gave it – and yes, we all find ourselves there at some point, but we must not park there. I love your thoughts on this and appreciate your honesty. So grateful to be your neighbor at#TestimonyTuesday

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