Five Minute Friday: Focus


May I never be too busy in my own affairs that I fail to respond to the needs of others with kindness and compassion.

Thomas Jefferson

I will probably never be accused of not being focused on the task at hand.  Sometimes, I am too focused.  Like the time my coworker took to clapping her hands and yelling my name to be sure I was really in tune to what she was saying.  Because apparently I have a go to word grouping in conjunction with a head shake that makes it appear I am listening, while I am really not. In this moment, she needed my attention.

Lately, my heart has been challenged to allow for interruptions. To allow my focus to wane from the task at hand to the life happening around me.  I’ve been challenged to slow down my day allowing for time to take paths less traveled.  In the process, I have found myself listening more. Observing more.  Finding more opportunities for service. Obedience to the still small voice residing in my heart

Every day, I witness amazing miracles prompted by the holy spirit through little things, like chocolate covered cherries.  I made it a point to home visit 8 seniors on New Year’s Eve and I took each one a box of chocolate covered cherries.  Would you believe that this little box of chocolates held a significant memory for each and every one of them.  Each stop held a new treasured and personal story prompted by a very normal treat.  And I stood in awe of God each time.

Focus.  Important to progress. Necessary to complete tasks at hand. But applied too intensely- I miss valuable opportunity to experience the life surrounding me on a daily basis.

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  1. Yes. Even though focus on our work is a good thing, we need to be willing to be interrupted when God presents us with something more pressing. This frequently comes in the form of a pressing need from my children. This need may just be for my time and attention, which can be more important than physical needs.

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