Five Minute Friday: Present

“This is a completely thankless thing to say but the interruptions around this place drive me absolutely crazy”, I complain to my boss.

With a frazzled expression, she nods in agreement.

We both know it’s and important part of our day, an imperative piece of our business.  But my goodness.  Sometimes, it’s just hard to stop the forward motion of progress.

I wake each day with a to do list.  Carefully planned.  Well thought out. A little whitespace for error.

And I really only feel good about the day when every item on my list is crossed off.

But lately, I have been challenged to live a little differently.  I have asked God to carry the whitespace of my day in his hands.  I have asked him to condition me for flexibility.

Only then can I appreciate interruption.  Only then can I be in the moment with the person who has crossed my path.  Only then can I live in the present moment, trusting God to cover every other detail of my life.

Lord, today, I commit the whitespace of my day only to you.


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Samantha Landrus

My name is Samantha Landrus and I am a full time wife and mom who works out of her home. I’m also a reforming supermom. In my quest for perfection, I often find God humbling me in unique and sometimes humorous ways. If you’re looking for a place for humor and encouragement, I encourage you to lay down your wings and join the conversation.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Present”

  1. I relate a lot to this. I also have lots of interruptions and unexpected things that come up at work that can throw my careful plans into disorder. God has taught me a lot about being more flexible and that success is not dependent on completing everything on my to do list.

  2. Oh my goodness, Samantha, I make lists every day, too. I cross off tasks as I complete them…am so thrilled when I get a few of them done. I don’t get too frustrated when it’s not all crossed out because I am so used to using the same list two or three days ago (just adding new ones as I go along). Come to think of it, I’m probably just a wee bit too flexible. Ha!
    Visiting from FMF linkup today. Enjoyed your post. Have a blessed week.

    ~#9 this wk

  3. Wow, I love your blog title! Yes, it is a challenge to not be frustrated. I homeschool my three kiddos, and I always wish we’d gotten more done. But it is true that we need to surrender our time to God and let Him direct our days. That is usually my problem, when I try to control the agenda. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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